I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles~Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation 2010, I wanna go back!

So we set off last week for a vacation I had been waiting months for. We decided to stay at a wonderful condo at Port Royal in Port Aransas Texas.We took a car ferry boat over and I was scared because I had never been on one beforeWhen we finally arrived, I couldn't wait to get into the huge poolsWe spent three days there swimming and playing in the ocean, it was so pretty and so much fun.My little sweet tarts had such a fun time visiting some stores and even getting caught in a shark..uh oh..I miss Port Royal and my hope is to return next year. It was perfect. After leaving Port Aransas we drove to Corpus Christi for two days. On the way was this amazing store with a huge sand castle in the front.We drove down the beautiful Ocean Drive in Corpus which has luxury homes overlooking the gulf of Mexico. Farrah Fawcett was a native Texan and even had a house here at one time. It was really nice. Who wouldn't want a tennis court in their backyard?Also I have been wanting to go see slained Tejano singer Selena's grave, memorial and museum for years now and it finally happenedThe museum was amazing. There were no pictures allowed, but you saw all of her photos, sketches of her fashion designs, awards, clothing including her grammy dresses,Fabergé egg collection and even the porsche she drove. It was sad to see everything because she was so beautiful and talented. She died way too young and to see all of her belongings was truly touching. I was surprised that her clothes were so tiny. She was not bigger then a size 2 if that which I didn't know. You even saw her microphone with her lip stick still on there. The museum is also a recording studio owned by her Father who was there with her sister that day.We then drove to the house she lived in when she died. Her parents lived next door. She lived in a modest neighborhood which was surprising a little because she was a major star, but that was who Selena was. She was down to earth and always stayed true to her roots.Selena was shot at this Days Inn hotel room that has since changed it's number. She ran to the lobby bleeding to death and collasped. It was hard to see just how far she had to run for helpI'm glad I finally was able to visit and show my respect. I wish she didn't have to die so tragically but I'm hoping she is resting in peace and will forever be a singing angel in heaven. Corpus was nice especially near the ocean. Here is a picture I snapped by the beachI love taking pictures of churches and Corpus didn't dissapoint. There were some beautiful ones and I couldn't resist.And finally here is the USS Lexington. I wanted to visit the Lexington but then my plans changedUSS Lexington at night..lights up blue..Now like I said my plans changed and oh boy did they. During the last day I woke up early feeling a pain. I thought maybe I had a bladder infection. I went to an urgent care center and they gave me medicine. Later that day I started to get a pain that I can only decribe as labor. I had not felt this since giving birth to my boys. It was horrible! We drove to the ER and I spent 7 hours just on the waiting room floor crying not knowing what was wrong. After 13 hours total they finally diagnosed me with a kidney stone. I have two. One in my gallbladder but that was not the issue now. The other one however was the reason I was hurting so badly. She told me to drink plenty of water and it should pass in the next 48 hours. By then we just decided to drive home and I only made it out of Corpus. I felt so dizzy and was having a bad reaction to the pain shot they gave me. We pulled over and stayed in a hotel. I just slept all day and night drinking so much water I felt like I was going to explode. Now almost a week later (and still feeling like I'm going to explode or cry water) I still have not passed the kidney stone and I'm on strong medication for the pain. I visited the doctor Tuesday and he said he would give me till Friday. If I don't pass it by then I will have to go in next week and get it taken out. I don't want this because I'm scared to be put asleep and also I can't imagine the pain involved with this procedure. I'm afraid but I remain hopeful it will pass so I don't have to get it taken out. I pray this is the case and I can finally put this nightmare behind me. I had a wonderful time up until the last day and it ruined my plans, but I will treasure the memories forever I had with my family and watching my kids have a blast. Drama aside, this was my Vacation 2010, I'm glad I could share with you a little of it and honestly.. I wanna go back!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Hello sweet tarts. Happy Pink Saturday to you all.

And thanks to the very sweet Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/ for hosting this fabulous day.

Today we are taking a little stroll over to my kitchen hutch for some goodies.

Here are some of my favorite pretty pink platesCup and creamerFlower PitcherAnd my newest pink vintage kitty I recently foundAnd last I just wanted to share again my latest find after a recent outing to Anthropolgie. It's a beautiful and oh so soft pink scarf. I love it and look forward to fall/winter so I can enjoy itHave a wonderful weekend xoxo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Missing you Dad, 3 years later

He had a strong personality but a loving heart. He was a tough one to reach out to, but once you were able to break down certain barriers you would see a side of him that was amazing. He was funny, talented with his voice and guitar, and was the love of my Mom's life. He was my Dad. A step dad to some, but that is just a label. He took on the responsibility when I was very young and he was a father to me more then my own most years. I loved him so much. I miss him something terrible. It's been 3 years today that he left his family. My Mom still yearns for him each and every day as my 19 year old brother takes on that responsibility to make sure she is ok. It was because of that evil lung and brain cancer that his soul was snuffed out in a time when his life should have been at it's best years. It's not fair and I often wonder why it had to happen. When I hear about something I know he would have enjoyed I still go to call him. I have to think he hears me when I speak quietly to him in my head. And today I celebrate his memory and remain with the dream that we will be reunited in heaven someday. I miss you Wayne so much and I love you..always and forever.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. She would have been 84 years old today.She was smart, funny and sexy. She was a "real" woman. She had gorgeous curves and fiestyness that made her even more likeable.I wish so much that in her brief life she didn't have to fight so many personal demons. She deserved more happiness and years, but I have to believe she is now resting in peace and finally rid of all the emotional pain. We will forever have movies to enjoy and beautiful photos to admire.There will never be another Marilyn.RIP classy angel.