I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles~Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!

Many thanks to Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com for having this wonderful day to celebrate our Pink Goodies.

Rachel Ashwell Store Pink PillowsI found these pretty pillows at the Shabby Chic store in Austin Texas one day. They were the last two left and the girl told me they were going to be discountinued so I grabbed them. They sit nicely on my bed each and every day with my other pink pillows and blankets.

My Pink Beaded Purse I saw this beauty at an Antique Mall and fell in love. The only problem..it was pretty pricey. So I put it back and never really stopped thinking about it. When I went back about a month later I was so excited to see that everything in her booth was 50 percent off and the purse was still there. I grabbed it so fast and it came home with me. I hang it in my room along side my other beaded purse that I will share another time.

PINK ROSE TRAYEven though this tray is blue, it has some beautiful pink roses on it. I just adore it so much! I found it at a really cute Shabby Chic store in California when I was visiting for Christmas. One of my favorites!

I just love these. I hope you have enjoyed them too. Have a great day!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Vintage Goodies Friday

I would love to share some of my Vintage Goodies on this beautiful Friday. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Love the blue in these!

My Shabby friend sent me this cute little girl..

I love vintage figures and salt and pepper shakers. I don't care if they have the matching one, they find a home with me anyway if they catch my eye

Some more..I love my Skunks!!

I love my vintage pin cushion girl

Featured on a previous Pink Saturday, my vintage tea set, also some of my favorite plates and my favorite vintage powder bottle

My favorite vintage snow angel perfume bottle

Now this is not vintage but it's so lovely and in the same room with these other goodies. It's my large Angel (I love angels) picture that hangs over my fireplace!

I LOVE them all! I will be taking some more pictures this weekend of my goodies upstairs and around the house, so be sure to check them out if you would like!

Random Love, My Favorite Places

This post is called Random Love. Just a glimpse into some of my favorite places I like to visit. A variety of pictures I have taken of sites that make me happy.

Beautiful MT Lassen, California
Growing up we would visit here every summer. Those are some of my fondest memories of being with my Grandma. My Grandpa owned a lot and we would camp, fish, swim, rides bikes and just play. Oh those were the days...

Beautiful Lake at MT Lassen, California

Monterey, California
I miss California so much. It's the home to some of the most beautiful beaches. I believe this would be number one on my list.

Williams Tower, Houston Texas
My favorite building in Houston Texas. It was very helpful to me when I first moved here. If I got lost I would look towards this beauty and know what way home was. This is also one of my favorite pictures I have taken of it.

Howarths Park, CaliforniaI love this park! It was SO pretty. One of my favorites in my old neighborhood. Every morning early I would take the 3 mile walk up and down hills, woods and the beautiful lakes. So magical!

Howarths Park, California
Family of ducks! Watching them was amazing!

Kemah Boardwalk, Texas
This place is a lot of fun. Located about an hour from me. After hurricane IKE came through it was under water and damaged. I was devestated to see this, but they have bounced back and it looks better then ever. Kemah is a fun boardwalk with rides and food. You can eat at a fabulous place called The Aquarium. Kemah sits right on the water front as well so it's great to just walk around and look at the beautiful scenery of boats. During the evenings they have live music and my favorite time of the year is around Christmas. You can sit there and listen to music while drinking hot cocoa. Nothing better then that!

Kemah at night

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Store, Austin Texas
Of course one of my favorite places to visit while in Austin. I would like to have one of everything..please..

Terms of Endearment; Aurora's House, Houston Texas
This movie is one of my favorites of all time. This house was Aurora's played by Shirley MacLaine. Located not too far from me, it was a great find. Also in the movie scene where Aurora and Garrett (played by Jack Nicholson) went to lunch was located in Houston Texas. Sadly it burned down during Hurricane IKE. I wish I could have visited and taken a picture there as well.

Chanel Boutique, Galleria Houston, Texas
Talk about a dreamy place. I love Chanel. This store is beautiful. I love looking at all the purses, fabulous clothing, jewelry. I would like one of everything here as well..please..

Tiffany's, Galleria Houston, Texas
Reminds me of one of my favorite movies Breakfast At Tiffany's. It would be nice to have the prices now they had back then. Don't you think? This store is beautiful. I love the jewelry. So classy! One of my daughters favorites as well.

Minute Maid Park, Houston Texas
Baseball anyone? Home of the Astros. I grew up a San Francisco Giants fan, but the Astros come in a second favorite. It's a really nice stadium to go relax and watch a game. Here is a picture of my two little monkeys and their first baseball game. Astros lost, but the memories were made!

Camilles, Spring Texas
Spring Texas is home to many antique stores. Me and my daughter just love to visit and shop. A lot of history! Even some stories of haunted buildings. A quaint and beautiful town! This is my favorite Antique store.

My favorite place to eat...they say it's haunted and the employees have seen ghosts

Home Sweet Home, Northern California
A view from my Grandma's house. My Mom now lives there and it's so beautiful. Out in the country surrounded by orchards. I grew up here and have so many memories. If I was not picking apples I was climbing the trees. I wish sometimes I could go back to those days because they were the best ever!!!

Home Sweet Home, The Vineyards California

San Francisco, California
About a hour's drive from where I grew up, San Francisco was a great place to visit. I love the houses and shops. Fisherman's Warf was one of my favorites. The weather was great and the Golden Gate Bridge beautiful.

Some of the favorite places in my heart. What are yours?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spring in Brenham

This past Spring I visited one of my favorite places Brenham Texas (Home of the yummy Bluebell Ice Cream). It's a small quaint little Texas town approximately an hour 1/2 away from me. Not far from the beautiful Antique Rose Emporium featured earlier on my blog. Now this is the best time to visit so you can see the Bluebonnets in full bloom. It has some great antique shops and vintage places to eat.

On the way back home there are some amazing sites like old abandoned buildings and windmills. I always try and imagine what it all looked like when those parts were alive and kicking.
There are also plenty of antiques to shop around for which is always fun.And my personal favorite, an old Drive Inn Movie Theatre, what fun it would have been to be there!!!And finally, if you have time stop in and see a picture perfect piece of history Chappell Hill. Still looks amazing with lots of original houses and some great shops.

Also, every Spring they have the Bluebonnet Festival which is really fun. You get to sample some great food and shop in some fabulous booths. On this day though it was quiet and peaceful. A perfect Spring Saturday!