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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TV Tuesday: Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond, a hilarious and witty sitcom featuring Ray Romano who plays Raymond Barone, an easy going newspaper sportswriter who can never take anything seriously, and uses jokes to avoid any sense of responsibility for the problems that arise between his family members often to the annnoyance of his wife Deborah who is a busy stay at home Mom to one young daughter and twin boys.

Ray often gets himself in the middle of chaos and drama involving his other family members. He seems incapable of taking any sort of stand, especially if there is the chance that it will bring down the wrath of his overbearing and nosey mother Marie played by Doris Roberts. His insecure and jealous brother Robert and him are always going back and forth with insults because of Ray being the "favorite" son, as well as Ray's success in both his professional and family life.

My favorite character is Frank played by Peter Boyle. He plays the smart mouthed funny Father of Ray who is constantly making insulting and sarcastic remarks to everyone he comes into contact with including his wife Marie on a daily basis.

This show has got to be one of my favorites. It makes me laugh every time that I watch it. Besides the smiles it brings to my face I can really relate to it. Ray reminds me a lot of my husband. Deborah of myself. His Mother reminds me of my Mother in law and I also have one girl and twin boys. I think that is what makes it even more enjoyable to me.

Winner of many Emmy awards and well worth it. If you have not ever seen an episode and you love comedy, this would be a great show to watch. I think many people will relate to a lot of the situations this crazy family seems to get themselves into on a constant basis.


  1. good show...I never watched it till re-runs...my daughter loves it...

  2. Oh I love this show, was sad when it ended!

  3. I know! It's so funny. Makes me laugh everytime especially when there are episodes I can totally relate to like the annoying Mother in law haha!!

  4. I kind of started it watching this show during it's last three years and then went back to watch the earlier seasons. It's a hilarious show and I'm trying to picture your family as you describe them matching up with Ray's family. Amazing post Winona. Keep up the great work on your wonderful blog.