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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Montgomery! RIP

Happy Birthday to the fabulous Elizabeth Montgomery. She was one of my favorite tv stars growing up. Bewitched was a funny and great show. I sometimes wish I had the powers of Samantha Stevens:-)

Elizabeth passed away so young. I wish she was still around, but her legacy lives on. Let's celebrate her life today.


  1. There wasn't a day I didn't want to become her or just be like her. She was my favorite when I grew up!

  2. Oh, Absolutely! Bewitched was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid!.. And I remember trying to wiggle my nose like she could, but I just couldn't do it! (0; Have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. She did go way too young! My mom said when Bewitched first came out she thought Elizabeth was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen! She really was:)

  4. oh i love bewitched re runs!! x

  5. I love Elizabeth Montgomery. Thanks for reminding me of her birthday Winona. Awesoem post.

  6. Yes she was a very special lady!! Love always to Elizabeth! xoxo

  7. Awesome pics, SCD!!! As well documented elsewhere, I was (and still am) a card-carrying 'Jeannie' fan, but when 'Sam' wiggled her nose, it DEFINITELY caught my attention as well! The last pic is GREAT!!!
    She was very beautiful...it seemed she had a somewhat sad life after Bewitched...sad she died so young...

    Thanks for the pics, SCD!!!


  8. Ela simplesmente me fazia ser feliz quando minha Mãe ia para o trabalho! Seja Feliz onde vc estiver!