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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Collection

Just wanted to post some pictures of Shabby Chic and other collections I have at home. I will put up some pics now and then will go through the house and take a lot more. Check back soon for the things I love:-) The blue Jewelry box was my beloved Grandma's with a lot of her vintage pieces. I will treasure this my whole life. Miss her so much. Will take some up close pics also. And as you can tell I love the Vintage lady vases!!!


  1. What great treasures. That blue jewelry is beautiful, what a lovely keepsake.
    Loving that desk with the glass door knobs aswell.

  2. I came to visit your lovely blog when I visited the lovely blog of Divine Vintage...both your blogs are beautiful.
    I love the lady head vases very much....I only own one but if I had the excess means I would certainly collect them...I have always loved them and friends and family tell me I was born out of my time.
    I love your profile picture...that is very chic and not one single bit shabby like the shabby chic things we like...lol
    I would love for you to visit my blog and join mine also.
    I love making new friends.
    angel hugs