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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear Wishlist, I want these. Love, Me:-)

They just scream YUMMY, don't they???Oh and maybe I will pick up these extras as well
They have the cutest stuff. Check out their website or a store near you for some delightful deals. OK, now back to daydreaming...


  1. Oh my gosh.. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress!!.. Money's a little tight for that right now though, as I'm still catching up from Christmas expenses!.. But if only I could SEW one! ~tina

  2. Anthropologie is so adorable. I wish I could actually afford to shop there! I especially love the two necklaces--very pretty!


  3. Oh I love the 3rd pic and the 6th pic in the clothing.I loveee the second pic in the jewlery.Sweet!

  4. I'm loving that scruncy blue scarf! Yum.
    Isn't it great to have wish lists. It's all so pretty.

  5. Oh my... I love all things ruffles. This is my heaven.

  6. So cute, I especially love the first 2!

    Baci*Kisses xx

  7. Oh I LOVE those dresses! so chic! Thanks for sharing!

    And I like that "It's good to be queen" banner to the right :)

  8. I love Anthropologie's clothing, it is so creative--wish I could afford it! (It would also help to be about 20 years younger so I didn't look rediculous in the clothing!) I get the catalogs, and just enjoy the photos and settings, but a person can also get a few ideas of maybe combining some styles on their own.

  9. My Anthro wish list is a mile long. That scarf is gorgeous!