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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Ginger Rogers. She is one of my favorite's and I want to celebrate her today.Ginger would have been 99 years old and I believe she continues to dance in heaven with the angels.She was a feisty soul and when her and Fred took the stage something magical happened.And when she ventured out on her own without Fred she was funny and charming although could be very serious. Even winning an Academy Award in 1941 for the movie Kitty Foyle.I am so thankful her memory lives on and I could pass my love for Ginger onto my daughter who now is a major fan. She's has every movie possible, her room is full of pictures and posters and she even draws fabulous pictures of Ginger and this one is my favorite which is just like the picture above I posted. Amazing!Ginger would have been proud:-) So Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers! You are loved!


  1. Wounderful tribute, a couple of those photos I'd never seen before. Happy Birthday Ginger!

  2. Love the tribute!!! Ginger Rogers was an amazing person!!!!
    Happy Birthday Ginger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, your daughter did a fabulous drawing!! She is very talented, and I hope she further develops that gift!!

    Our family has a "tradition", I guess you'd call it, of "celebrating" our favorite stars' birthdays by watching one of their movies on their birthday. Today is also Barbara Stanwyck's birthday, and although Ginger is my husband's all-time favorite actress (and the reason our puppy is named Ginger), I'm pulling for both a Stanwyck AND a Ginger flick tonight. Tomorrow is James Cagney's birthday (#111), so we're going to watch one of our favorites, Angels with Dirty Faces.

    Have a blessed day,

  4. Yes I love Barbara Stanwyck too!! My daughter will probably be watching a Ginger movie. She's wearing pink (Ginger's favorite color) and ate ice cream ( a favorite of hers haha)already this morning!!

  5. Great post, SCD!!! And just an AWESOME drawing from GF11! PERFECT!

    Wouldn't it have been cool if Ginger and Barbara were in a movie TOGETHER... not sure how everything would have went down, but, it would have definitely been one I would want to see!!!

    Glad to know the practice of 'Gingerology' is being passed on to new generations! As we always say,
    Keep It Gingery!

  6. Wow! I'm super impressed by your daughter's excellent artwork! This is a great tribute...thank you for sharing!

    Have a great night!


  7. Hey Diva, Your daughter has mad skills you must be very proud. Much love to Ginger and to you as well.

    Lisa xx

  8. I officially want to learn how to do my hair like this!


  9. Never heard about her before. But she is amazing pretty. Almost looking like an angel.