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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Classic Beach Beauties

It's a cold day here in Texas, but I'm going to enjoy it because I know there are many hot days ahead. Today we are celebrating the beautiful women who once basked in the warm golden sun. Let's enjoy the Bathing Beauties of the "good old days".Have a great day. xo
Ava Gardner
Clara Bow
Debbie Reynolds
Elizabeth Taylor
Gene Tierney
Ginger Rogers
Grace Kelly
Jane Russell
Jean Harlow
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Rita Hayworth
Sophia Loren
Yvonne DeCarlo


  1. Love the bathing beauties of the past! Kori xoxo

  2. They look so classy!
    xoxo Sabrina

  3. They look stunning. I've always loved that picture of Elizabeth Taylor.

  4. I love the bathing suits from back then, I want them to come back into style!!

  5. Those swimsuits look fantastic, sexy, and still stir your imagination unlike today bikinis.

  6. Awesome Stuff, Wi!!!

    Of course, there's a fave of mine here... :) ...but, having said THAT, all of them are incredible...but, Rita really...er....'works' here for me... I mean REALLY works!!!

    ...and, I dig the 'SingSingSing with a Swing' tune ya got on here... I typically leave the volume down when 'surfing', but not in this case!!!

    I need to figure out an audio player for Gingerology - AND my new 'freaky' blog... any suggestions for one would be greatly appreciated!!!

    KIG, y'all!!!


  7. I think I can guess who your favorite is:-) I have to check out your new blog. Should be interesting. Yes, the music is my favorite on the blog, I just love it!!