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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diva Wednesday: Reese Witherspoon

She's sassy and sweet. A down to earth southern girl. Reese Witherspoon is defiantly one of my favorite actor's today. I've never seen a bad movie with her. She's beautiful, and I love that she's always stayed grounded no matter how famous she's become. That is very rare in Hollywood these days. I think Sweet Home Alabama has got to be my favorite, but I still remember loving her in a movie long ago called Freeway. That movie cracked me up, and Reese Witherspoon always makes me happy. I couldn't think of anyone better for today's Diva Wednesday. I hope she continues to make movies for years to come. I think we can all agree on that.


  1. I have to say - I love her too! She is so beautiful and has great style. Great choice!

  2. What a divine blog! I am so glad you found mine!

  3. I love her, she's just such a girls girl and so humble. I can't wait to see her new film.