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Monday, April 26, 2010

Remembering Lucy

(August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989)

She was funny, beautiful, fiesty and smart. She was simply Lucy. She was taken from us way too soon, but her memory will live on in homes around the world for many generations to come. I pray she is resting in peace and I'm sure she keeps heaven laughing.

What is your favorite I Love Lucy episode or Lucille Ball movie?


  1. Loved her, she was the best! My favorite was making the wine, the 5th pic but, the candy was hilarious also. Wish she were still around! Nice post!

  2. I think I loved everything this beautiful, talented lady did. She was absolutely gorgeous and could make me laugh with just a facial expression. I suppose my favorite episode of Lucy would have been working in the chocolate factory..truth to tell, they were all favorites.
    Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories.

  3. Thanks for the memories..... great times and great actresses!
    xoxo Gert

  4. oh I love Lucy too...my favorite episode was the TV one where they gave Fred and Ethyl a TV for their anniversary..and Ricky broke it...

  5. She is one of the first classic actresses I fell in love with.

  6. Bonjour Winona,
    Lucy was the best. I loved all the episodes, but you picked some of the best here. She was a beauty.
    Happy week to you,

  7. YES It's so hard to pick a favorite. I LOVED Lucille Ball both in I love Lucy and her movies. Especially The Long Long Trailer with her husband. They were so cute together. I wish it could have worked out!! She was simply an amazing woman.

    Also I would mention that Ginger Rogers was remembered yesterday April 25th. She passed away in 1995.I didn't have the time to create a post, but I did want to mention her. Another GREAT woman!

  8. I remember the day she passed away. It was a Sunday, I think, and I was taking a train trip with a family member and a total stranger who was waiting with us said Did you hear Lucille Ball passed away? It affected everyone that day, I think.

  9. wow...I did not realize the dates for Lucy and Ginger's passing were just a day apart... well, not the same year, but... and even weirder they were only a few weeks apart for their birthdays (Ginger is 7/16/11) ...just a bit unusual, considering the connection between Lucy and Ginger... Lucy got started in acting by taking classes which Ginger's mom Lela taught... and Lucy soon began appearing in RKO features, with her best role (well, in a Ginger film) in 'Having Wonderful Time'... of course, she would become huge on the 'small screen', to the point where in the 50's she and Desi formed 'Desilu Studios', which MOST ironically, was housed in the old RKO Studios!
    Anyway, always have loved Lucy, honestly...she was always so convincing in her role as being totally under control, until things came to pass, then all heck breaks loose... any Ginger fan has to be a Lucy fan - when I watch 'I Love Lucy' now, I can pick up a LOT of 'Ginger-like' mannerisms from Lucy, which I guess makes sense, with them being from the same era and studio...
    And she was not only funny, but a very pretty lady as well... BTW - weird aside, and not sure if it was actually true, but, supposedly, it was in her contract that Ethel always be a minimum of 10 pouinds heavier than she was... but that is probably a rumor.

    Anyway, Great post, SCD!


  10. Lucy was timeless. I can never pass up an episode of I Love Lucy. She always made me laugh.