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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Stevie Ray Vaughan. U are missed!

It's hard to believe the world has been without this talented and wonderful guitarist for 20 years now. But his legacy lives on. Happy Birthday Stevie Ray, you are truly missed! I hope your smiling and having fun playing in Rock and Roll heaven!


  1. Rock on, Winona!!!
    ...I was fortunate enough to see SRV in concert... was in '87, I believe... I had a friend who was a big guitarist, and said I need to see this dude in concert, but I was a bit undecided, since I didn't know much about him...glad he talked me into checking it out! It was an awesome show - the Thunderbirds with brother Jimmy opened up for him, that was just when they hit with 'Tough Enough'... and SRV was incredible... he changed guitars after each tune, since he wringed all the life out of the one he had played on the tune before! His guitar tech must have had a intense time keeping up with it. SRV left it all on the stage!
    It was so sad how he died, after seeming to get his life straightened out... but a great legacy in music, for sure!
    Thanks for the 'reminder' of this great guitarist, SCD! I need to pop in a few SRV CD's on the way to work tomorrow...

    VKM(and SRV)fan Huey

  2. I know! He was simply amazing! SO sad. We always loose the great ones too soon!!! And to think he was finally getting his life back on track. Seems so unfair!! :-(

  3. I just found your blog...I love it!!
    Love SRV too ;)!