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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spring in Brenham

This past Spring I visited one of my favorite places Brenham Texas (Home of the yummy Bluebell Ice Cream). It's a small quaint little Texas town approximately an hour 1/2 away from me. Not far from the beautiful Antique Rose Emporium featured earlier on my blog. Now this is the best time to visit so you can see the Bluebonnets in full bloom. It has some great antique shops and vintage places to eat.

On the way back home there are some amazing sites like old abandoned buildings and windmills. I always try and imagine what it all looked like when those parts were alive and kicking.
There are also plenty of antiques to shop around for which is always fun.And my personal favorite, an old Drive Inn Movie Theatre, what fun it would have been to be there!!!And finally, if you have time stop in and see a picture perfect piece of history Chappell Hill. Still looks amazing with lots of original houses and some great shops.

Also, every Spring they have the Bluebonnet Festival which is really fun. You get to sample some great food and shop in some fabulous booths. On this day though it was quiet and peaceful. A perfect Spring Saturday!


  1. You really really make me want to visit texas! those bluebonnets!

  2. Hi Winona
    You can come on over and see your site on my "featured site".
    You look good girl.
    Texas, would love to visit one day... bluebonnets? Ok I have learned something new again today.
    I lived in Vancouver, B.C. Canada for many years, therefore lots of rainy skies... I'm not a rain fan, like you are.
    Living in Ontario, Canada now, we have both, rain, sun & so much snow.
    I'm going to research that tub colour now lol
    Have a great rest of week.
    Love Claudie

  3. Oh and BTW, this would have been a great OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY post. The girls are great there. It's on my side bar. The hostess is Susan.
    Hope it stopped raining.
    Love Claudie