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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cary, Audrey and James

Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and James Stewart. Three legends who may be gone but will never be forgotten.
Cary Grant. Classy and Handsome. Not only did he have charm and good looks, he was a wonderful actor. Some of my favorite movies include The Awful Truth with Irene Dunne, Bringing up Baby and The Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn, To Catch A Thief with Grace Kelly, North by Northwest with Eva Marie Saint, Monkey Business with Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers and Charade with Audrey Hepburn. So many lucky ladies had the honor to work with this amazing soul. His career was long and successful and I don't think there could ever be another like him. Audrey Hepburn. Beautiful and Classy. She had an angelic look and way to her. Inside and out. She left us with so many amazing memories in her movies that we can still enjoy today. She was taken way too soon. She never gave up and always tried to look at the good in everyone. I would have loved to have met her. Her son Sean is really great to. My daughter who is a major Audrey fan dressed up as her on Halloween last year. She looked so much like her. Arianna wrote Sean a letter in which he responded to. It was really nice. There is also a movie called Love in the Afternoon which in Italian is "Arianna". That is my daughter's name and he told her about it. I bought her the poster soon after. My all time favorite movie from Audrey would have to be Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have seen it many times! Others like Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Charade with Cary Grant. These are wonderful classics that I'm so thankful we have to watch and enjoy.
James Stewart. Gentleman and Funny. He was so tall and handsome. A magnificent actor. He starred in some amazing movies like Mr Smith goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, It's a wonderful life, Vertigo and my two favorites, Rear Window with Grace Kelly and Vivacious Lady with Ginger Rogers. He loved his country and never was shy about his beliefs which I always respect.

Three amazing stars of Classic Hollywood I adore so much. It seems like no one today can even come close to them and others like them. I would have loved to live back then. I was definitely born in the wrong era. I love the movies, music, clothing and hair styles. I am so thankful we have the memories of them to watch over and over. And just like they were stars down here on Earth, I also know they are shining stars in Hollywood Heaven as well.


  1. Hi, I love those three stars - especially Jimmy Stewart - those were classy people! Oh, I have 4 year old twins granddaughters! Don't you just LOVE twins?!!! Linda

  2. I think these people were the best!!! I love the Golden Age of Hollywood. It's better than the things they do today. If only we could go back when everything was innocent and awesome.

  3. Oh I just love these 3! It is so nice to find someone who knows who they are. They were before my time too so I never can understand how all these kids who grew up with cable and don't know who the greats are! Thanks for sharing it is always good to visit with them!
    Hugs, Lisa

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  5. I too, loved the Golden Age in Hollywood. It was a fun and exciting time and I have many happy memories of the "Stars". I have especially enjoyed your blog because it is so different and refreshing. I do not have a Blog myself, but may have in the future. I have created one of a kind "beauties" for many years. I LOVE your background music. Yesterday I was sad to have dump 5 huge boxes of old records from the early forties. They belonged to my parents and they had warped as they had not been taken care of. It saddened me - but there was nothing else I could do. They had been ruined before I got them. Thanks again for a great Blog.....Pauline

  6. My two favorites (Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn) in "Charade". I would pass on a day of shopping to watch the two of them.