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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My little slice of Rose Heaven

The Antique Rose Emporium. I have posted about it before, but I'm so ready for Spring that I want to revisit it once again. I can't wait to go when the weather is warmer. It's in a quaint little country spot. From the roadside it doesn't seem like much until you enter.There are gardens of flowers you can either purchase or just admire. Some benches and grass to relax upon
It's so peaceful. There is even a little church where weddings are held.I love to take a little picnic lunch and watch the kids play. Then we do a little flower shopping. Come take a quick tour with me.Isn't it beautiful?They even have a graveyard for their broken potteryI love the little statues and buildingsThe roses are beautiful yet I enjoy seeing all the colors of the plants and flowers
The sky is beautiful and you really feel like your in a magical placeAnd make sure you do a little gift shopping before you leave.I hope you enjoyed one of my favorite places. I can't wait to visit my little slice of heaven soon.


  1. Thanks so much for taking us along on your tour here. so many wonderful sites and flowers. CHARMING!

  2. Where do you live??? It looks like such a slice of heaven! The church seems like such a perfect place for a wedding!!!

  3. Great post but there is something about that windmill picture that is pure magic!

  4. Hi Winona,
    What a lovely place to visit! I love that little church! I have a thing for little churches. Would love to take a stoll through that very pleasant place and smell the roses! Thank you for sharing.


  5. Hi Winona,
    Thank you for taking us on a picnic in this magical place. Ooooo,the flowers,the settings..the water garden..don't you know there are sweet faeries living in such a gorgeous,magical setting....

  6. OMG!!!! What a lovely place! I could go there right now! Thanks so much for brightening my day!!!

  7. I would so love to visit that place! My Mom has gotten their catalog for years. beautiful!!

  8. Hi Winona!
    What a beautiful place, no wonder you love it!
    And, the church is the sweetest thing!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Mary :)

  9. those are the kinds of beautiful places I love to go out walking with my sketch book in hand....there are so many cute things to stop and draw along the way..
    and of course I would never visit a place like that without my camera!
    thanks for sharing....
    It was like taking a visual walk with you!

    ciao bella

  10. Thank you so much for the visual tour. I really needed the touch of spring since it's currently snowing, as been all day, AND we have 6 inches on the ground already................

  11. What a wonderful place. I could spend hours in there. Everything is like a fairytale.


  12. Neat place, SCD!!! The 'pottery graveyard' is CLASSIC!

    Well, you KNOW I am going to throw a 'Ginger' angle into it, right? The 'next-to next-to last picture, a 'close-up' of a large pink flower, looks a LOT like the rose variety they call....Ginger Rogers. Just curious if that is the case...
    Now, I know NOTHING about gardening, and deeply envy folks who do...my aunt and uncle in Chattanooga are BIG into roses...they are in a club and everything, have won big awards and all that stuff...they have 30-40 different varieties (alas, no 'Ginger Rogers', tho...) but I have learned from them that roses are QUITE hard to grow and maintain... so hats off to the folks who can do so...

    Thanks, SCD!!!

    Keep It Gingery! (You KNOW I will!!!)


  13. What a beautiful place! Such pretty pics! Have a sweet day!

  14. I've been there numerous times, and love it! Need to put it on my GOTTA VISIT AGAIN list!