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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer Swingtime with Fred & Ginger

I am SO excited. I love the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies. My daughter also. She's 14 and a major classic movie buff like myself. Her idol is Ginger Rogers. Since moving from California to Texas I took her away from a lot of that Hollywood history she craves so badly. They are constantly showing their movies in theatres around the Los Angeles area.

I really wanted to make this possible for her so I looked hours and hours online around the Texas area but had no luck. Until I found the Miller Outdoor Theatre here in Houston. They have a ton of different music performances, plays, concerts and some movies. So last year I decided to take the chance and write the director and ask her if she ever had classic movie showings. I mentioned Ginger Rogers as a favorite and although they didn't show many she told me she would consider my suggestions for the new 2010 season.

So imagine my excitment when she emailed me last week and told me she had a night opening in June, and she wanted to show a Fred and Ginger movie. She asked me what my favorite one was and me and my daughter chose Swingtime. When I told my daughter she was so excited and smiled from ear to ear. This was her dream to be able to sit in a theatre setting and see this wonderful movie. And now I had made it possible for her. I told her to remember this when she decided to get snotty with me:-) but all kidding aside, it's going to be an awesome night! I can't wait!


  1. Does she know Ginger spent part of her childhood in Texas?
    Jealous! Maybe I should plan a roadtrip to Texas! ;)

  2. Yes she knows everything there is to know about Ginger lol..it's her obsession. But you know I'm happy because with some of the people out there now that could be her idol, I'm pretty lucky it's Ginger Rogers..

  3. so exciting...I love all the old musicals...so does my 21 year old daughter...she is a dancer...and got to take a tap class from Gene Kelley's brother Fred several years ago..

  4. That's great! And all because you asked - aren't some people the best? Enjoy!

  5. How cool is that!?! Way to go mom! I so wish there was somewhere here that did stuff like that.

  6. Enjoy your night out with your daughter.


  7. That is the best part about having daughters isn't it? I adore my son but you can't beat girl's night out with the ladies...Have a great time!

  8. Your daughter has great taste, especially for being so young. I love Fred Astaire, Dancing Cheek to Cheek is one of my fave songs.
    Thanks for following!! =)

  9. I love Fred & Ginger! They were like salt & pepper, they flowed together so beautifully! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Way to go MOM!!!! :-)

    I have never seen any Ginger/Fred movies in the theater, but would REALLY like to... we have a VERY cool 'original' theater (built in the 30's, I believe...) in town, which is great to go visit and see, regardless of the movie played... but to see Ginger on that screen would be unbelieveable... so, what I'm leading up to is... if I give you the phone number of this place (reverse the charges), could you put in a request for Ginger/Fred? PLEEEESE???? :-}

    Seriously, hope you and GF11 have an AWESOME time!!!

    P.S. - If y'all live near (or IN) Fort Worth, that was Ginger's 'stomping grounds' (literally)... she won the Charleston contest there, in the Texas Hotel...wonder if it's still there...