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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's take a little trip

To Fredericksburg Texas. A quaint little town in the hill country. This is one of my favorite places to visit. Although it's a bit far so I don't get to go too often. A beautiful place with lots of antique stores and shopping. Bed and Breakfast Inns and homes dressed up in ginger bread style. You get a feel of more innocent times. On my last trip I had a lot of fun. We stayed overnight at nearby Kerrville. Took the 2 hour scenic route through mountains and hills and then relaxed in this most perfect place. Come with me for a moment and let me share some exciting sites...

Almost to Kerrville TexasKerrville TexasEaster Island Statues near Hunt TxScenic Drive, most beautiful partsSome awesome old buildings that once looks like it was a small townLove taking pictures of old buildingsA cute little shop, Hunt TxOn the way to FredericksburgFredericksburg Tx

Small home town churches

Some fabulous older houses, shops, Bed & Breakfast Inns

Court House and Old JailSaw some very cool old cars

On the way home, we went through Johnson City and Austin. They had such a pretty park there with a church that caught my eye.

I hope to go back really soon! Hope you enjoyed your little trip as much as I did...


  1. Beautiful sceneray and old cars, they are so lovely to look at, and I just adore old buildings. Wonderful post.

    Stop over for my giveaway have a blessed day,

  2. Hi
    You captured some great pics Winona. My wish list has a picket fence in it... I have always wanted one. It might have to be made of PVC and not wood, since wood doesn't last long around here with the harsh winters.
    The second car? The 1928 Model A Ford? We have one of those. It was Randy's dad's baby. We shipped it from Van. to Ottawa. The kids always enjoyed taking a Sunday ride in it. Our guest always loved it also. It's in storage now that we live out in the country.
    I would love to shop in those old stores. We don't have that around here either.
    It was nice of Jeanne to come and say hi. She's a real doll. She is 70 years young. Lives in N.C. I'm hoping to meet her when I go South in March.
    Have a great day.. BTW did you notice I changed your picture?
    Love Claudie

  3. Thanks for taking us along to Fredericksburg. I love taking pictures of old buildings, doors, windows. Summer before last, I visited a friend in San Antonio and we went to a sweet little German town, Gruene. Loved it! When I was younger, lived in Pasadena and Spring TX. Oh so long ago and far away! Best wishes to you, :) Tammy

  4. Hi Winona!

    What a wonderful trip! Texas is so filled with beauty. I really loved it there when I was visiting. Great photos Winona, makes me feel like I'm back there again.

    Hugs, Sherry

  5. Heidi: Yes isn't it neat! I just love it and the history behind the pictures.

    Claudie: Wow, you have a car like that? Must be a real beauty and fun also. Yes Jeanne seems really nice! I did see you changed it. Thanks:-) hopefully no more problems..:-)

    Tammy: Spring is nice. Although I don't like Texas too much I have to admit the small towns are wonderful. Gruene? Sounds interesting. I may just have to add that to my list of places to visit..

    Sherry: Hi, it's nice to see you again..stop by real soon if you can..

  6. We just moved from 7 years in Texas back to our home in California. And I became and antiquer in texas how can you not? I miss the "squares" in the little towns, antique shops, fried pickles, fried pies, pecan pie, buttermilk pie, well the pies in general, jalapeno jelly and Southern Hospitality. We took Drives all the time eery year we went to the Fort Worth Stock & every summer to San Antonio & hill country good times my kids were 3 and just 5 when we moved there and 12 & 10 when we left so Texas is a big part of their childhood and I am grateful for the experiences. Your pictures sparked all that! Thanks for posting them and have a wonderful day!