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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Tuesday Treasures

This past weekend I was busy with some antique stores and the Houston Nutcracker Market. A place where you can shop at several booths for anything from clothing to Christmas ornaments. They play Christmas music and I must say it totally got me into the holiday spirit which was lacking for me lately. I'm also on the hunt to add to my collection of Christmas houses and churches. I love the glitter ones that are usually whites, blues and pinks. I found two more this weekend to add to my collection. I love to put them up on my fireplace mantle with fake snow. So I'm still on the hunt for more. If any of you have any suggestions on where they may be found please write me and let me know.

Cute vintage little girl in blue: Antique Store
Cute vintage little girl in red outfit: Antique Store
Cute vintage owl, my Grandma use to love owls. Reminds me of her
Vintage pink trinket bottle..I love collecting these..so sweet
Cute vintage girl tinBeautiful pink and blue flower dish..will have to share some pink SaturdayTwo cute Christmas house and church for my collection
Houston Nutcracker Market 2009

There were so many great things to buy but I didn't want to spend too much. I bought my daughter a beautiful glass purse trinket. Here are some items I found that were neat and also tasted very yummy.

Cherry Barbecue Sauce. Thought would be gross but OH so goodCherry Salsa and Cherry Jelly...TASTE SO GOOD!!!Fig Balsamic Dressing To die for & Olive/Cheese Spread YUMMY!Wine A Rita..you add your favorite wine to mix..OH SO GOOD. Got Cosmo FlavorBeautiful Shabby Green OrnamentsBeautiful Crystal Chandelier OrnamentI also got some pretty colored Christmas decorations, but they didn't take too well in the pictures. They had some amazing stuff in this booth and it was so beautiful!

Also a neat thing was seeing a famous soap opera actress. I use to watch her on Days Of Our Lives back in the 80's and early 90's. She is back on there now, but I have not watched for many years. Her name is Kristian Alfonso. She plays Hope. Part of the famous couple Bo and Hope. She was selling her jewelry. I tried to get the best picture possible. I took it when she was not looking and kind of at a distance. I didn't want to be one of those annoying fans lol.Hope you all enjoyed my Tuesday Treasures! Have a Fabulous Day!


  1. Winona,
    So many pretties!! Love those little girls. Darling! Blessings!

  2. Hi Winona,
    What wonderful finds! Sounds like my kind of place to browse. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day.


  3. I love that chandie ornament- so pretty! I saw Hope too and wanted one of the long gold and CZ necklaces but felt that $250 was a little steep for gold plated and cz. :-)

  4. Hey chickadee! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I love your blog! Shabby and retro! whats not to love hehe Great treasures you found! Love the chandlier ornament! big hugs


  5. You did bring back some wonderful finds!
    I love that little crystal chandelier, too pretty.

  6. What lovely treasures you found! I have never been to a antique store! I'll have to find a nice one out here and stop in. Sorry to hear you aren't able to go back home for the holidays. I can say that I am blessed to have all of my family in the same spot. I hope the holidays go well for you though.